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Education has always been a dream for any child. From the day he comes to his senses, he dreams of a bright future. Education is his path way to that bright future. Having understood the elementary and primary schools he aims for higher education and that is when the reality sinks in. higher education in kerala is still a long cherished dream.

Kerala boasts of high literacy rates and human development indexes that is at par with the developed nations but if one looks carefully into the higher education system in kerala, its evident that it doesn’t cater to the needy but instead it seldom only attracts the middle class. Adding to the misery, it still teaches an outdated syllabus. Take the case of a boy who finishes his tenth grade and dreams of a bright future. He is given only default options to choose a career of somebody’s choice and his brain is conditioned to think in streams of only science and commerce. Upon choosing a stream he is again narrowed down to choose a profession and not a skill. Ultimately he ends up in the job market unskilled and technologically outdated.

The cycle repeats till he discovers that his education hasn’t done much justice to his ability. We know that the future of humanity depends very much on the cultural, scientific, and technological developments which evolve from the centers of Higher education. If these centers cater to only the select sections of our society, we see the marginalized and the downtrodden once again being deprived of the fruits of our higher education system. Education that is not inclusive and which does not aim at inculcating such human values and enhancing humane qualities is no education at all. The role and function of higher educational institutions are to be integral to the process of social engineering. To attain the goal, the higher educational institutions must provide quality education. The rhetoric of globalization and modernization apply pressure for a paradigm shift in contemporary higher education in the country and the state. Higher education cannot be a hit and miss exercise. Higher education is required to be ‘High’ enough. “Quality” is the buzz word that we hear everywhere, to day. The higher education in the state of Kerala presents a very sorry picture of continuous degradation of quality, over the years. The notion that the university is an intellectual thoroughfare is certainly absent, the concept of a college as a vibrant community of thinking minds is lost.

The mission of a higher educational institution (a college or a university), hence, is to be a pioneer in the creation of an era so as to preserve the God-given nobility of human existence, recognizing its moral and spiritual dimensions. The good news is that all is not lost and we still hope. We dream of a society where education is for all and the right to education is inclusive. Higher education is not a far away dream

– Neil Gonsalves

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